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Villages of San Mateo County is a membership-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
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Village Videos

Go Bag Demo

Scott McMullin presents a phenomenal Go-Bag demonstration, including what’s inside and how to make your own Go-Bag.

Blue Zones and Blue Mind

Corporate Wellness Dietician Mira Kanter presents the wonders of the Blue Zones and Blue Mind to Villages of San Mateo County.

Postcards from Technology's Frontier

Dr. Manish Kothari, President of SRI International, presents innovations in technology to Villages of San Mateo County.

Nature Journaling

Biologist Melinda Nakagura introduces VSMC to the wonders of nature journaling.

Santa Cruz Follies

Enjoy the singing and dancing of the talented Santa Cruz Follies performers.

Chair Yoga

Yoga instructor Christine Salah takes us through an introductory chair yoga class. Christine gently encourages and supports everyone from beginners to those practicing advanced yoga.

Village Movement CA

Charlotte Dickson presents the latest greatest with the Village Movement CA to Villages of San Mateo County.

Today I Noticed

Expert Noticers Deborah Huber and Willow Older present Today I Noticed to Villages of San Mateo County.

Healthy Living for your Brain and Body

Clare Day and Stefanie Bonigut from the Northern California Alzheimer's Association present
the latest research and tips on how to prevent dementia.

Homefit with AARP

Grace-Sonia Melanio discusses how to create a safe and comfortable home environment.

The Art of Drawing

Caroline Mustard of the Pacific Art League gently introduces the basics of drawing and conveys her contagious enthusiasm for diving into art.

#Village of the Coastside #Coastside Gives 2021


How the COVID 19 Pandemic affected the VOTC and how your donations to Coastside Gives will help us better serve the community.

Whole Foods for Whole You

Welcome to a presentation of Whole Foods for Whole You. The presentation starts one minute in. The speaker is Casey McClung, a nutritionist who, after 20 years of being a vegetarian, changed the way she eats after suffering from a heart attack. She still eats a plant based diet and has lots to share regarding whole foods.

Village of the Coastside Music Video

Village Coastside Gives 2020
Village of the Coastside Music Video

Sing-a-long with Jim Stevens

Jim started singing music as a member of the El Paso Boys Choir. In high school and college, he performed throughout the Midwest and parts of Europe, playing rock and folk songs. Over the past 40 years, Jim has performed with the Chad Mitchell Trio and opened for concerts and festivals for many well-known groups. Join James Evert Stevens and let's make some noise!

Maker Nexus and Hokey Pokey

Jim Schrempp of Maker Nexus, takes us on a virtual tour of the Maker Nexus space in Sunnyvale.
Dianne Weitzel has been in the news for shaking things up in her Valley Forge neighborhood. Dianne celebrates 175 consecutive days of Hokey Pokey dancing in the streets with her neighbors and delights us with interactive Hokey Pokey dancing, too.

California Telephone Access Program

Many of us are now meeting on Zoom and if we have a hard time hearing, it can make it difficult to participate. CTAP can help. The goal of CTAP is to make sure everyone in California can communicate over the phone. CTAP provides over 30 specialized telephone equipment for FREE to eligible Californians. CTAP now provides a Bluetooth amplifier so folks can hear much better when they use their cell phone for Zoom calls or voice calls.

Fifth Anniversary Part 1 

In this video we celebrate the development and launch of Sequoia Village. the service projects that we provide and the volunteers who provide those service. We will also hear congratulatory words from some of our local politicians. 

View Part 1


Fifth Anniversary Part 2

Join us as we look back on some of the events we've hosted in our five year history. 
We'll also hear from board members Eric Hanson, Patrick Brown, Victoria Kline, Randi Kutnewsky, Irene Liana and Deb Flaherty. 


View Part 2


Emergency Preparedness Team

Craig Branting, Bob DiFranco and Scott McMullin discuss their Emergency Preparedness Team plan. Employing the VSMC Neighborhood Captains, their plan will help VSMC members take care of each other in an emergency. They also discuss how we can practice to make sure everyone is well prepared.